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Season Communications PR Purpose

Let’s Move Forward

Season Communications was created to work with beautiful, brilliant brands that are full of purpose and passion for what they do and are playing their part, big or small, in doing good in this world we live in today.

As a creative communications agency specialising in PR, marketing and branding, we recognise that we’re not by any means delivering blood or saving the world, but what we can offer is to be a part of positive change by working with brands who are.

With our initiative Season Forward, we help to give one brand, either profit-for-purpose or not-for-profit, the opportunity every six months, to benefit from our consulting services pro-bono so that they can be propelled forwards and make an even greater impact with their great work in doing so.

If you are or know of an inspiring company, that you think would benefit from Season Forward or would like to learn more, then please get in touch. We would love to hear from you so that together, we help to make the change.