The Importance of Brand Evolution

So what makes a really great brand last the test of time and continually win the hearts of many? It simply continues to evolve.

Your brand is much more than just your logo. Be a product or service, your brand is your community. Your brand is everyone you speak to you on a daily, weekly, monthly, annual basis and you’re only ever going to keep your appeal if you keep up with your community and move with them.  

Lost connection? Don’t feel like your brand feels like home? Chances are you need to evolve. I’m not by any means saying you should do a full rebrand, but your brand is your foundation. You have to feel comfortable to shout about it from the roof tops. Don’t like your name? Your brand identity? Your tone of voice? Something just not sitting right? Chances are you’ll be wanting to do anything other than shout.


It won’t cost you anything other than your own time, to seriously consider how your business should be perceived to others. Staying relevant not only to yourself but your community is absolutely key to evolving in the right way. Not only am we obsessed with making brands great, we’re also obsessed with learning absolutely everything there is to know about their ideal client. You can visually look like the bees knees and have the best Instagram feed on the planet but what use is that if you’re talking to the wrong people? It’s just smoke and mirrors and that’s going to be very evident to savvy consumers.

Here are our five top tips for continued evolvement to ensure you keep propelling your business forward and don’t stand still.

1.     Attention

We’re talking about can’t-see-with-a-naked-eye needle point attention and focus. Do people truly understand what you’re doing? If you put yourself in your friends’ shoes and looked at your website and social media, do you understand would you do for others in a split second? If not, it’s time to have a think about what it is you’re wanting to achieve and how best to communicate that in a nutshell. Strip everything back to your core.

2.     Simplicity

We are bombarded with {average thoughts a day}. By anyone’s standards, that’s a lot of thoughts and in between all of them, you need to focus your time not only on your business, family, friends, what you’re eating for dinner and general life plans, but also your clients and customers to ensure everyone is happy. The trick? Keep things simple and grounded in total clarity. Evaluate where your time is being spent.

3.     Consistency

We’re a bit like a broken record when it comes to consistency. Why? For so many reasons that it warrants its own journal entry but for now we’ll leave you with this. To evolve your brand, consistency means so much more than just always delivering on what you say you will. It’s about showing up on a daily basis and aligning your brand positioning across every touch point of communication. Stand by your vision and align it with everything you do. Have a great website? How did your last invoice or thank you card look too? By aligning you’re fostering trust. You want people to know they can depend on you and you really care about the detail on every single little thing.

4.     Generosity

Always add value, Always add value. Always add value.

The more your brand contributes to others, the more it will come full circle. We like to give knowledge in spades to help others and far more interested in delivering the best service possible with all the sparklers, bells and whistles. There is nothing worse than coming into contact with a brand that feels more focused on their next pay cheque than adding real value. We’re all human so add a bit of human touch into your continued evolvement. If you could think of five things you could easily give away for free right now, what would they be?

5.     Authenticity

This word feels far too overused but until we find another that fits the bill, we shall continue to use it. Authenticity is key. Be honest in all that you do. Piggy backing on other campaigns and brands will only take you so far. Feel uncomfortable? Go back to point one and refine your focus. It’s imperative you’re authentic and that everything you do reflects your brand values, not only for your own inner wellbeing, but also for building trust and the necessary environment for you to work, live, grow and flourish with everyone who has the opportunity to work with you.

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