5 Reasons Why Events Are Vital For Your PR

Events. One of the most important ‘things' we experience. Basic human instinct is to take in objects, sights, sounds and people so when going to an event, we may even sport new threads and if deemed important enough, as a woman – have our hair blown out to within an inch of our lives. Maybe even get a manicure. Overall, we are excited by the social value that enriches our lives from learning and meeting new people at events.

Arguably (and ironically), social media has made us feel a greater need to be more social. Through organising events, not only are you able to achieve this but also build your business and attract new clients to your brand. If executed correctly, they also have the ability to deliver huge returns on investment. So why exactly are they so critical to your overall PR strategy?


1. Your Reputation

How people speak about your brand is so important. One piece of negative feedback can be more detrimental even against fifty pieces of really positive press. Nothing can substitute what you can achieve through meeting someone face to face. Even in this digital age, a good old fashioned meet and greet still holds enormous value. Show your own personality through an event and through this, communicate in person exactly what you want people to understand about your brand to build a confident brand.


2. Your Identity

New and existing clients have an opportunity to see you and your brand in person. Hallelujah! Revealing your uniqueness and individuality as a brand in the real world is a fantastic way of building advocates. They are also a great chance to invite key editors, journalists and an existing core client base to see you and better understand what you’re wanting to communicate, whether that be a new product or message. An event brings your work to life!


3. Great Content

Looking at what content to weave through your blog and social feed? Both of which are intrinsic to your overall PR strategy.

By running an event you not only have the ability to post more content before and after, but you can also piggy back on anyone of influence who attended, notable speakers, press that was achieved as a result, the venue if you think it would be great for brand association – the list of new, authentic and original content that you can share is endless over all your social channels.


4. Your Community

If you asked me to tell you some of the best events I have attended, they all have one thing in common. I learnt something. I only feel like I have truly benefited from an event if I can come away with great contacts and hear something of value – both of which I can learn from.

PR is so much more than traditional newsprint. It’s about influencing behaviours to create real results not only principally for your brand, but your community too. I have made friends for life through events in the past and am very much an advocate of the brands and businesses that brought us together. This is your opportunity to actually build communities of like-minded people. When you do that, the objective outcomes start to go beyond the event and this is when you have the influence to create something very special and ultimately, memorable.  


5. Hook, Line + Sinker

If editors and journalists genuinely find strength in your brand through attending one of your events then you have effectively nailed it. What is important to outline here is that events for being events, are never going to get you the press coverage you want. However, creating your story with impressionable hooks that leave journalists wanting to know more and attending your event to find out, is key to achieving PR in the traditional sense.

With this in mind, you can also build on your existing database too with great events and encourage people to sign up to learn more. Give back and give something back that is actually of value. Consumers are savvy.

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